Oncology report

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Aims & Scope

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State of Lung Cancer

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Aims & Scope

The global radiation oncology market size was valued at USD billion in and is expected to expand at a CAGR of % over the forecast period.

Rising adoption of radiotherapy, rapid technological advancements, high prevalence of cancer, and increasing healthcare expenditure are the key contributing factors for lucrative market growth. Today, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) released its report, “Delivering High-Quality Cancer Care: Charting a New Course for a System in Crisis.”According to the IOM, the American cancer care system often is not patient-centered, does not provide well-coordinated care, and does not encourage evidence-based treatment decisions.

The CancerCare Patient Access and Engagement Report illustrates the many physical, emotional, financial, practical and informational needs cancer patients experience during and after clinical treatment. It reflects the perspectives of more than 3, patients diverse in ethnicity, income, education, geography, age, insurance, cancer type and treatment stage.

Cancer Data and Statistics

The Cancer Trends Progress Report, first issued insummarizes our nation's advances against cancer in relation to Healthy People targets set forth by the Department of Health and Human Services. Oncology Supply - Silverlight Client - Portal.

In The State of Cancer Care in America, a report published online in March by the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), precision medicine, the increasing speed with which the FDA is.

Oncology report
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