Chicza organic chewing gum

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Chicza biodegradable organic gum lime flavor 30g

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Organic, Natural, Safer Children’s Toothpaste by Baby Organics Review

Infinity Foods is one of the UK's leading wholesale distributors of Organic and natural foods. Organic Gum - Chicza - Mint Flavor - Vegan, GMO Free, Certified Organic, All Natural Ingredients - 10 Pack (80 pcs) by Chicza Organic Gum $ $ 22 00 ($/Count). For over a century, chicle latex was an essential ingredient in chewing gum until the evolution of synthetic chicle substitutes in the s.

Now, this sustainably produced natural gum is making a comeback, as a new, biodegradable and organic chewing gum. A better sort of chewing gum, Chicza Organic Rainforest Gum is exactly what it sounds like: gum that comes from the chicle tree found in the Mayan rainforest.

Produced in Mexico for the Mayan Rain Forest Co Ltd, it has no artificial sweeteners. Chicza chewing gum is - and that's what makes it so unique - biodegradable. After you throw it away, the gum turns into dust within a few weeks and can even improve your compost. This is a. Made from certified organic natural gum base, along with wild and native fruits, herbs and spices, Chicza is radically different from conventional chewing gum.

The ingredients are sustainably obtained from tall chicozapote trees in the Mayan rainforests of the Gran Petén in southeastern Mexico.

Chicza organic chewing gum
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